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Weight Loss

HerbalifeA whole new person with Herbalife

Eileen P.
130 pounds lost

At 25, Eileen weighed 245 pounds and was sick with debilitating sinus infections and respiratory problems. “By that time my self-esteem was nonexistent and friends were few and far between,” Eileen reflects.

Then she discovered Herbalife's Weight-Management Program. She lost a total of 130 pounds in 10 months and went from a size 22 to a size 3.

Today, not only is she smaller, but all her allergy symptoms are gone. Eileen excitedly remarks, "My hair, skin and nails are incredible, and people I know from childhood are speechless when they see me. It's the most incredible feeling!"*

HerbalifeThe Program
The ShapeWorks™ Program is an exciting new way to lose weight and feel great. Based on cutting-edge weight-loss science, the ShapeWorks™ program can help you get the results you want.

The Products
Herbalife offers ShapeWorks™ products that can help you personalize your protein, control your hunger and protect your cells with a proper balance of nutrition–all without counting calories!